For to give life, I must weep. And to nourish, I must bleed.

I just filled in the “About Me” section, or more accurately, I made an admirable(?) attempt to do so. That being said, I feel it is now appropriate to move on to the reason I made this nifty blog… drum roll… To share the World of Verbena! Here is a purposefully vague description of Book One of The Avadi Series: A Bloodline’s Echo:


Nineteen-year-old Cori has been tucked into a corner of Verbena her entire life. With no memory of a father and an abusive mother, her escape came in the form of living and working in her town’s inn, a place that happens to be owned by her best friend. Cori was all but resigned to the uneventful and dutiful life as a barkeep. That is, until a hooded stranger showed up – just in time to witness an incident Cori herself cannot believe – and changed everything. Now Cori must leave Sagebrush, the only place she has ever known, setting off to discover love, adventure, heartbreak, and more about herself and the world she lives in than she could have ever imagined.


I realize the font change probably gives away the fact that I copied and pasted this; I promise I save all of my laziness for moments like these, and never when it comes to plot and character development. In fact, I am currently in the midst of wrapping and polishing up this story.

For anyone who may stumble upon these ramblings, please know that I am open to all words of wisdom, feedback, and just-to-say-hellos!



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