The Nature of Things

Have you ever thought about the entities in life that we view as all-powerful? Like the sun, a God, natural disasters, the Earth itself. It’s the nature of these things that make us perceive them as so mighty, and perhaps as so formidable.

What if our own nature could be just as formidable? Our nature taking form in the depths of our emotions. Granted, our emotions are not as tangible as the heat from the sun or the force of the wind. But what if they could be?

Could that world be your happy place?

It might be mine.

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One thought on “The Nature of Things

  1. Solo tú que has visto estos lugares tan distintos unos de otros pusiste imaginar un mundo así. Espero que la vida te dé la oportunidad de conocer más lugares para que sigas nutriendo esa imaginación tan tuya.


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