Sparking the Flame

What inspires you?

I’m still learning what exactly it is that inspires me. Sometimes I find myself surprised by how lost I can be in building a world – each blade of grass, the scent the wind carries, etc. – while sitting on my very plain, unexciting couch.

A trend I’ve begun to notice is that my senses, even things I’m not wholly conscious of, make their way into my words. If I smell something delicious, I might unwittingly incorporate that aroma somewhere. If a vibrant leaf catches my eye, a similar object might become part of my story, and may even snowball into a piece of vital symbolism.

The flame sometimes sways in a direction I had not predetermined, but I follow it anyway.

…I take that back; my couch is unexciting to me, but is quite exciting to one of my dogs. If not covered by hoards of blankets, she rips into the fabric as if a treasure might be hiding in the midst of the plush. So, I have an irreversibly damaged sofa and use blankets as band-aids.


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