Executioner or Therapist?

My editing process verbalized:

It’s like I’m sitting outside every scene, rather than immersed in it. It’s ruthless. I’m slashing needless words, but in the midst of the chaos, I pause and wonder…but how does it smell?

Not only that, but while on the sidelines of every event I put my characters through, every conflict I’ve orchestrated by hand, I’m compelled to stop to ask them: “and how do you feel about that?”

And that’s how, with all of my deleting and violent rewording, I have added over 4K words to this story, incidentally pushing it past the 100K threshold.

It’s been a journey, truly. From writing to rewriting, and to all but prescribing each character their own brand of psychiatric medication.

I’ve downloaded Kindle Create, and A Bloodline’s Echo will soon be on it.


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