The Sequence of Steps

Just recently, I took a plunge.

A plunge more striking than being hit by Alaska’s cold water. Well, that’s debatable…but, anyway, I published my book via KDP. It was surprisingly smooth and easy, but no less exciting.

…And then there were typos.

Okay, not just typos. I’m an excitable person, and I think some of my descriptions may expose me for it.

As much as I love A Bloodline’s Echo as it is, Kindle gave me a new format to pick up on things I missed in my Word Doc. Just little snags, areas a bit too wordy, etc. I can admit there is room to make it smoother, and, most importantly, an even more compelling read.

I’m taking an out-of-sequence step and finding the perfect freelance editor for a fresh set of eyes. I hope that through this experience, not only will Cori’s story shine brighter, but that it will make me a better writer as a whole.

But…maybe I’ve already found the perfect freelance editor. 😉

A Bloodline’s Echo will be back – with a vengeance – on Kindle soon!


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