Itching Fingers

So, I made a conscious decision to let The Avadi Series rest while A Bloodline’s Echo is being edited—because even stories need beauty sleep, right?

That being said, my fingers aren’t partaking in nap time. They’re itchier than ever and writingahem, typingis the only satisfying scratch. They’ve been mowing away at an entirely new story, currently titled The Curse of Luma. It started as a breather/in-between-takes kind of story, but I’ve fallen in love with it.

It’s vastly different from my first book. The texture, feel, characters and voices don’t mimic A Bloodline’s Echo in any regard, but it’s just as fun. And, it’s coming along quickly. Which means…

Plotting has begun for The Avadi Series Book Two (who am I kidding, it’s been plotted since midway through the first one!) and I’ll be diving into it soon. The wait shouldn’t be too treacherous!

My fingers have exhibited seriously impressive story-crafting stamina; my brain…well, that part of my body requires help in the form of excessive caffeine. But that’s no problem. I have lots of it. In fact, I just ground up expresso roast coffee beans. I didn’t mean to buy whole beans, but purchased them all the same, which led to yet another purchase of a coffee grinder.

First freshly-brewed cup of said beans was enjoyed by my carpet, courtesy of my biggest & cuddliest furbaby. All in all, my house smells lovely.


A BLOODLINE’S ECHO will be live again by February 11th!


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