Shifting Narrative

In all the excitement (excitement on my part, at  least!) following the re-release of A Bloodline’s Echo, I’ve forgotten to post!

So…book one of The Avadi Series is back on Amazon, this time with a print version available. I’ve read it againof coursewhich made me really, really giddy to dig into book two. I have so much planned…AHH! & I can’t wait to continue Cori’s story as well as the rest of the Avadi’s.

I’m still drafting The Curse of Lumabrief pause while traveling, which hurt, lemme tell youwhich complicates matters. Random dialogue and plot points for both stories ping in my mind sporadically, making my jittery excitement sway between the two. I can’t work on them simultaneously, though. The reason being that Luma’s voice is vastly different from Cori’s.

I love them both. They both have so much to tell. Their worlds are so vivid and so…opposite.

Little hints:

  • I’d planned for The Curse of Luma to be a stand-alone book, but it could easily become a duology or a trilogy. Also, lots of potential for spin-off stories with side characters.
  • I love The Legend of Zelda-type adventures. Do you? Concerning The Avadi Series…well, I hope Cori does, too.

I’ve realized something. While writing is fun, the trying-to-expose-the-story/marketing is not so fun. The joy is in writing. Sometimes that joy is sheathed in sweat or tears, but it’s joy all the same.

In other news, Luma’s cover artwork is done and is breathtakingly beautiful. A small glimpse of it on this post. ☺️520BA98E-C58E-49A1-837D-8D7538676698


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