Hi! I am M. R. Pilot. Or you can call me emm arr, as I am forced to go by on gmail. I’m new to this website/blog thing.

Have you ever been the new kid at school? Even in college, I’ve had professors do the “let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves!” bit. I could never come up with anything compelling. Really, I just wanted to sit down and hide my face as fast as possible.

But this format is different; the possibilities are endless, much like writing a story.

I won’t get too crazy. Here’s a numbered list that will hopefully capture all pertinent information about me:

1.) I love animals. It sounds generic, I know, but I really love them. I am the person at a party that goes straight to whatever creature resides there upon entrance. Also, the person who brings the vegan cupcakes. But more likely, I am the person who skipped the party altogether to hang out with my own furry creatures and write.

2.) I love reading. Fantasy primarily, but a good romance every now and then floats my boat, too. Now, a romance IN a fantasy story…that is my cup of tea!

3.) Now that I’ve mentioned boats and tea, it seems relevant to mention that I have a phobia of deep water, the extent of which reaching a point of manic exhilaration upon watching an oceanic film (Finding Nemo doesn’t count), and that I actually do enjoy tea. Coffee, though. Coffee is my cup of… well, coffee.

4.) My caffeine addiction dates back to when I moved to Alaska, when my body and mind disagreed about when it was time to sleep. I still live in Alaska. With my husband.

5.) If my husband reads this, he might get upset he didn’t come into play until the end of #4/beginning of #5. He most definitely would mention that our dogs, Nami & Pakkun, were mentioned first thing – a fact which may or may not tip a long forgotten argument in his favor. Despite his fashionably late entrance, I do adore my husband, as he reminds me of a puppy. So cute!

6.) You might’ve noticed that my dogs have somewhat unique names. If you’re an anime fan, you might’ve noticed that I am one, too.

7.) That’s it, folks! A seventh section isn’t necessary, but six feels like an odd number to end on …even though it’s mathematically an even number.



P.S. Fret not. My characters are much cooler than I am. 😉

M. R. Pilot