Shifting Narrative

In all the excitement (excitement on my part, at  least!) following the re-release of A Bloodline’s Echo, I’ve forgotten to post!

So…book one of The Avadi Series is back on Amazon, this time with a print version available. I’ve read it againof coursewhich made me really, really giddy to dig into book two. I have so much planned…AHH! & I can’t wait to continue Cori’s story as well as the rest of the Avadi’s.

I’m still drafting The Curse of Lumabrief pause while traveling, which hurt, lemme tell youwhich complicates matters. Random dialogue and plot points for both stories ping in my mind sporadically, making my jittery excitement sway between the two. I can’t work on them simultaneously, though. The reason being that Luma’s voice is vastly different from Cori’s.

I love them both. They both have so much to tell. Their worlds are so vivid and so…opposite.

Little hints:

  • I’d planned for The Curse of Luma to be a stand-alone book, but it could easily become a duology or a trilogy. Also, lots of potential for spin-off stories with side characters.
  • I love The Legend of Zelda-type adventures. Do you? Concerning The Avadi Series…well, I hope Cori does, too.

I’ve realized something. While writing is fun, the trying-to-expose-the-story/marketing is not so fun. The joy is in writing. Sometimes that joy is sheathed in sweat or tears, but it’s joy all the same.

In other news, Luma’s cover artwork is done and is breathtakingly beautiful. A small glimpse of it on this post. ☺️520BA98E-C58E-49A1-837D-8D7538676698


Itching Fingers

So, I made a conscious decision to let The Avadi Series rest while A Bloodline’s Echo is being edited—because even stories need beauty sleep, right?

That being said, my fingers aren’t partaking in nap time. They’re itchier than ever and writingahem, typingis the only satisfying scratch. They’ve been mowing away at an entirely new story, currently titled The Curse of Luma. It started as a breather/in-between-takes kind of story, but I’ve fallen in love with it.

It’s vastly different from my first book. The texture, feel, characters and voices don’t mimic A Bloodline’s Echo in any regard, but it’s just as fun. And, it’s coming along quickly. Which means…

Plotting has begun for The Avadi Series Book Two (who am I kidding, it’s been plotted since midway through the first one!) and I’ll be diving into it soon. The wait shouldn’t be too treacherous!

My fingers have exhibited seriously impressive story-crafting stamina; my brain…well, that part of my body requires help in the form of excessive caffeine. But that’s no problem. I have lots of it. In fact, I just ground up expresso roast coffee beans. I didn’t mean to buy whole beans, but purchased them all the same, which led to yet another purchase of a coffee grinder.

First freshly-brewed cup of said beans was enjoyed by my carpet, courtesy of my biggest & cuddliest furbaby. All in all, my house smells lovely.


A BLOODLINE’S ECHO will be live again by February 11th!

The Sequence of Steps

Just recently, I took a plunge.

A plunge more striking than being hit by Alaska’s cold water. Well, that’s debatable…but, anyway, I published my book via KDP. It was surprisingly smooth and easy, but no less exciting.

…And then there were typos.

Okay, not just typos. I’m an excitable person, and I think some of my descriptions may expose me for it.

As much as I love A Bloodline’s Echo as it is, Kindle gave me a new format to pick up on things I missed in my Word Doc. Just little snags, areas a bit too wordy, etc. I can admit there is room to make it smoother, and, most importantly, an even more compelling read.

I’m taking an out-of-sequence step and finding the perfect freelance editor for a fresh set of eyes. I hope that through this experience, not only will Cori’s story shine brighter, but that it will make me a better writer as a whole.

But…maybe I’ve already found the perfect freelance editor. 😉

A Bloodline’s Echo will be back – with a vengeance – on Kindle soon!

Executioner or Therapist?

My editing process verbalized:

It’s like I’m sitting outside every scene, rather than immersed in it. It’s ruthless. I’m slashing needless words, but in the midst of the chaos, I pause and wonder…but how does it smell?

Not only that, but while on the sidelines of every event I put my characters through, every conflict I’ve orchestrated by hand, I’m compelled to stop to ask them: “and how do you feel about that?”

And that’s how, with all of my deleting and violent rewording, I have added over 4K words to this story, incidentally pushing it past the 100K threshold.

It’s been a journey, truly. From writing to rewriting, and to all but prescribing each character their own brand of psychiatric medication.

I’ve downloaded Kindle Create, and A Bloodline’s Echo will soon be on it.

Sparking the Flame

What inspires you?

I’m still learning what exactly it is that inspires me. Sometimes I find myself surprised by how lost I can be in building a world – each blade of grass, the scent the wind carries, etc. – while sitting on my very plain, unexciting couch.

A trend I’ve begun to notice is that my senses, even things I’m not wholly conscious of, make their way into my words. If I smell something delicious, I might unwittingly incorporate that aroma somewhere. If a vibrant leaf catches my eye, a similar object might become part of my story, and may even snowball into a piece of vital symbolism.

The flame sometimes sways in a direction I had not predetermined, but I follow it anyway.

…I take that back; my couch is unexciting to me, but is quite exciting to one of my dogs. If not covered by hoards of blankets, she rips into the fabric as if a treasure might be hiding in the midst of the plush. So, I have an irreversibly damaged sofa and use blankets as band-aids.

Faces & Names

The name holds weight, but not the face. For some it is the face and not the name. Just what is it that makes a person who they are and how they are remembered? Identity is a fickle, fickle thing. It is you who will face two kinds of betrayal, and then choose how that will shape your own identity. Will it fan your fire or tame it? What will become of your anger which you hold so deep, like a volcano hidden far beneath the underbelly of a leisurely stream? It is a choice, child. Remember that.”

– Excerpt from A Bloodline’s Echo