The Magic Button

I hit the button. You know… the one that says, “Publish Your Book.”

I thought I was prepared for it. Instead, the following emotions were as strong as they were conflicted. I didn’t sleep a wink.

Emotion 1: Relief. The product is final. I’ve made the decision to conclude my editing, and there it is. Now I won’t be compelled to spend every waking hour scrutinizing the words, and loathing every single thing that impedes me from doing so. Who cares if anyone likes it, anyway? I had so much fun writing it, it doesn’t matter. *exaggerated sigh*

Emotion 2: Exhilaration. I really did it! I’ve been working on it for months and months, and at times thought I’d never finishbut I did! Now I can work on the rest of the series, and even some of the side projects that have my fingers itching! I love writing! *hyperventilating*

Emotion 3: Regret. …Wait, people can actually read it? Like real people? What if it’s a complete mess? What if they hate my characters? What if it’s an utter piece of crap, and I’m too jaded to realize it? What have I done? *stares at the floor in shock*

Emotion 4: Relentless Nervousness. My hands tick. I might be sweating a little bit. My thoughts are racing much too fast for me to keep up. *eyes twitch*

Emotion 5: Acceptance. This one is still coming along, but it’s breaking through. It’s a “what’s done is done” kind of thing. If the readersif there are anyenjoy it, I’ll meet a bliss I’ve never known. If they don’t, well… it’s my first novel. I can improve my writing, because there is one concrete truth in all of this:

I will keep writing.

A BLOODLINE’S ECHO is LIVE! It’s also free until January 5th. So, at no cost other than precious time, you may validate 1+ of the previously mentioned emotions.

Here’s the link:


Faces & Names

The name holds weight, but not the face. For some it is the face and not the name. Just what is it that makes a person who they are and how they are remembered? Identity is a fickle, fickle thing. It is you who will face two kinds of betrayal, and then choose how that will shape your own identity. Will it fan your fire or tame it? What will become of your anger which you hold so deep, like a volcano hidden far beneath the underbelly of a leisurely stream? It is a choice, child. Remember that.”

– Excerpt from A Bloodline’s Echo

The Nature of Things

Have you ever thought about the entities in life that we view as all-powerful? Like the sun, a God, natural disasters, the Earth itself. It’s the nature of these things that make us perceive them as so mighty, and perhaps as so formidable.

What if our own nature could be just as formidable? Our nature taking form in the depths of our emotions. Granted, our emotions are not as tangible as the heat from the sun or the force of the wind. But what if they could be?

Could that world be your happy place?

It might be mine.

Keep scrolling through to learn about a story I am working on, the premise of this blog, titled: A Bloodline’s Echo: The Avadi Series Book One!

For to give life, I must weep. And to nourish, I must bleed.

I just filled in the “About Me” section, or more accurately, I made an admirable(?) attempt to do so. That being said, I feel it is now appropriate to move on to the reason I made this nifty blog… drum roll… To share the World of Verbena! Here is a purposefully vague description of Book One of The Avadi Series: A Bloodline’s Echo:


Nineteen-year-old Cori has been tucked into a corner of Verbena her entire life. With no memory of a father and an abusive mother, her escape came in the form of living and working in her town’s inn, a place that happens to be owned by her best friend. Cori was all but resigned to the uneventful and dutiful life as a barkeep. That is, until a hooded stranger showed up – just in time to witness an incident Cori herself cannot believe – and changed everything. Now Cori must leave Sagebrush, the only place she has ever known, setting off to discover love, adventure, heartbreak, and more about herself and the world she lives in than she could have ever imagined.


I realize the font change probably gives away the fact that I copied and pasted this; I promise I save all of my laziness for moments like these, and never when it comes to plot and character development. In fact, I am currently in the midst of wrapping and polishing up this story.

For anyone who may stumble upon these ramblings, please know that I am open to all words of wisdom, feedback, and just-to-say-hellos!